Steve’s work has been recognised and applauded by leading artists and sculptors. Having graduated with a masters in photography from the RCA he has won several awards including the National Magazines Editorial Premiere award and the Serco Photo Prize. His work has appeared on TV campaigns highlighting industry and the environment working in partnership. Steve has travelled and continues to travel extensively as his images reflect.

The human eye that sees its own and other familiar images in the fluctuating forms of nature is merley exercising its normal function, observing, in accordance with the way it was designed, that which nature was correspondingly designed to reveal.

John Mitchell

As we are drawn into Steve West’s compelling photographs of ancient yews, we begin to particiapte in that special category of active seeing which so fascinated the Surrealists. Instead of passively recording, albeit with pleasure, our eyes being to perceive another reality…

Paul Kilsby, 1997

Tread warily, look perceptively for the Yews are always there, gnarled branches, roots groping like tendrils in a skeleton sown earth to draw up and reveal thoughts, messages, curses thousands of years old. A moment later the light has changed, the shapes and figures enveloped again within their tree form. It is safe to proceed, but hurry. Cross yourself and don’t look back.

Michael Langford